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Gift Box - Namaslay
The most beautiful gift for anyone who loves their moments on a yoga mat.
Price with VAT:
57,00 €
Gift Box - Feeling Good, Like You Should
A treat for anyone who likes to spend quality time alone.
Price with VAT:
67,00 €
Gift Box - The Minimalist
An elegant and minimalist gift for all ambitious women.
Price with VAT:
73,00 €
Gift Box - Take Care
Perfect gift for lovers of nurtured skin and wide smiles. 
Price with VAT:
45,00 €
Gift Box - What's Poppin'
For all lovers of game nights!
Price with VAT:
35,00 €
Gift Box - Busy Bee
A wonderful gift for all lovers of stationery and those who would love to be (more) organised.
Price with VAT:
45,00 €
Gift Box - Knock Your Socks Off
For great men who always knock your socks off!
Price with VAT:
38,00 €


Gift Well

The extraordinary offer of gift boxes is created with you in mind.
We want the gift-giving process to be a simple and enjoyable moment for you and your loved ones.
We have carefully selected the products and put together fun and thoughtful sets that are definitely worth giving.
Gift boxes are designed for every taste and person and for all the small and big moments of our lives.


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