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1. Choosing item


Once you have found the item you are interested in, click on the 'add to bag' button. You will get notification that item has been successfully added to the cart. To continue shopping, click 'continue with shopping' button and return to the online store. To complete your purchase, click the 'shopping icon' button on top of the page and the system will show you option 'view my shopping bag'. 


2. Removing and adding items from shopping bag


In top of the page in right corner you can find the 'shopping icon' button. First click this button and choose 'proceed' option which will lead you to the list of selected items. If you want to remove any product just click X icon next to the product in cart preview. If you want to add some items just click 'continue shopping' button.


3. Shopping bag


To finish the purchase please follow these steps and fill following forms:

  • From Cart preview press 'proceed' button which will lead you to Payment & Delivery.
  • First select country for delivery.
  • Choose delivery type and payment method.
  • Fill Contact data (e-mail, name, surname, phone number, address, zip code and city). If you are registered these data will already be filled.
  • Fill delivery data or choose box 'Delivery data is the same as billing data'.
  • If you have promotional code or a discount code fill the form and press 'confirm'.
  • Do not forget order overview. Check if all the right items are selected.You will see the price of the product, shipping costs,  the value of VAT and the total cost of payment. If everything is correct press 'proceed to payment'.


4. Completing the order


In Check + Confirm you can view the delivery information, the payment method, and the contents of the shopping bag. Press 'confirm' button for successfully complete. You will see your order, which you can print. PDF-form of order will be also send to your e-mail address.


If there were any complication check RETURNS AND EXCHANGES  or FAQ and you know you can always concatc us to info@smileconceptstore.si or +386 40 511 451.

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