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Book - Hello New You
Book - Hello New You
Book - Hello New You
Book - Hello New You
Book - Hello New You
Book - Hello New You
Book - Hello New You
Book - Hello New You

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Book - Hello New You: Eat Better, Drink Less, Exercise More


Perfect gift for all the book worms. 


Do you find reading fun and relaxing at the same time? Our carefully selected collection of books will surely brighten up your free time. Pick one amongst many great books with lots of humour and great advices. Do you think you friend also needs a good advice? On the other hand, maybe the book cover reminds you of someone close to you? Then this is a great idea for a present! There is a cover for everyone.


Being healthy doesn’t have to be hard. Eating junk food, drinking too much and rarely (or barely) exercising – we’ve all been there. Sometimes you just need a bit of help, some practical advice and a few words of encouragement to get yourself back on track. Intended for anyone with a busy life, this handbook gets straight to the point, gathering together useful tips, motivational quotes and achievable steps towards a healthier body and a happier mind. No matter where you’re starting from or aiming for, there’s something here to spur you on, including:

  • Dietary hacks to avoid overeating, improve sleep and reach your ideal weight
  • Good guidance on fats and carbs, which are often misunderstood
  • An honest look at how alcohol can affect your health (and your finances)
  • Easy ways to reduce your alcohol consumption
  • Clever ideas for matching your workout to suit your mood and schedule
  • Sound advice on choosing exercises that keep you motivated



  • author: Katherine Bebo
  • soft covers
  • size: 17,4 cm x 2,1 cm x 12,5 cm
  • number of pages: 160

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